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Our Design-Build Process

Rombach Homes has embraced a full spectrum Design-Build process that helps our clients realize their dream home, covering all aspects of building the most valuable investment you will have.  This process begins long before the first walls are raised, and is critical to the success of the project.

At Rombach Homes, we lead our clients through the build process, establish strong goals and expectations, and a road map on how to work to achieve them.  Communication is at the forefront of the process, and paramount to the level of satisfaction that we demand as a home builder. 

Meet Your Team

One of Rombach Homes competitive advantages among custom homebuilders is our internal team of experienced designers, architects, and construction professionals.  We have assembled this team to provide his clients with a high level of experience that is fully dedicated to the complete realization of our homeowners' dream.  In addition to these internal team players, We have developed solid partnerships with mortgage and financial institutions, and real estate professionals to further add value to our clients, and reduce the uncertainties that can arise from builders that are not fully integrated.  After we have preliminary budgets in place, our homeowners meet the specific team players that will be working with you on your project.  Bill will lead the process of communication and manage this team from design through move in.  

Establish a Budget

Every home building project starts with a budget, regardless of the size, scope, location or dream.  Bill will work closely with you to identify and outline the factors that go into a custom home that influence and define the costs of the project.  Using that information and your goals and personal desires for the project, Bill can establish a budget for the costs of the project that work for you.  This budget then will be the starting point of every action taken from through the completion of move in, and communicated to all parties involved so that budget clarity is fully achieved and worked toward through the entire process.  This is also the stage where our financial partners are brought in, if needed, and options regarding finances are presented.

Design Your Home

Your Rombach Homes designer and architect will meet with you to assist you in developing and identifying exactly what you want and need in a home.  Most every client has a starting point of what they prefer, and our professionals will help develop and pinpoint from you, floorplan styles, size and features that you desire, during working sessions and dynamic communications, to create a home that perfectly fits your needs, within the budgets that have been developed.  Our clients have input in every stage and decision with the home, and this involvement really helps set the stage for creating the perfect home.  During this phase of the process, Bill will keep you fully informed as to how the budget is tracking, and how changes to features and scope affect that budget.


We are almost there!  At this meeting, We will review all of your selections, designs, and final budget with you,  Additionally, financing will be reviewed, and we will have a roadmap through construction to closing.  After everyone agrees that we are on the same page, Rombach Homes will release your project to our construction team.   


By far the most exciting phase of the home building process.  Construction can often take 4 months to a year depending on the project scope.  Our team will manage the scheduling and direction of our partner tradesmen and tradeswomen.  We take pride in leveraging our long lasting relationships with very specific trades and companies that work to our standard of quality, and reliability.  During this phase, we will communicate regularly with our home buyer items such as schedule, budget, and points of interest in the progression of the project.  The home owner is encouraged to visit the home in progress, and as much or as little as they prefer immerse themselves in what can and should be be an enjoyable time.  

Let's Close Your Home!

Roughly 4 weeks prior to the completion of your home, April and Bill will initiate and lead the closing process including:

-Home owner financial/budget review

-Home owner walks for both reviewing QC and operations of your home.

-Warranty review meeting

-Formal closing of the home

Builder Warranty

All of Rombach Homes' projects are covered by a 1 year bumper to bumper Builders Warranty.  Additionally, all systems are covered for 2 years after closing, and Rombach Homes offers every homeowner a 10 Year Bonded Structural Warranty for peace of mind.

We want you to rest assured that your investment with us, in your dream home, is protected.

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